We promise our clients to provide them quality products and satisfactory services. To guarantee your interests, we have established a quick responsive information feedback system, and a skillful technician team to provide you thorough services, including:

1. Guaranty period: 12 (twelve) months from the dilivery date with services and supports.

2. Nannan is responsible for repairing any material and/or workmanship defects for free during guaranty period.

3For failure of products resulted by user's improper operation or maintenance and for products out of guaranty period, Nannan will only charge for material and/or spare parts used and travel expense except for repairing labor cost.

4. Spare parts in guaranty period will be provided for free, and will be charged only at cost price after guaranty period.

5. Nannans technician will track the quality and operation of our products periodically.

6. Response time: The headquarter interacts with the companys service network in providing aftersales services. To ensure the users get prompt, quality and perfect aftersalse services, for users within local province, the response time will be 12 hours, our technician will be on site in 24 hours; for tho out of local provinces, our technician will be on site in 6-36 hours.

7. Nannan keeps an inventory of spare parts, wearing parts to supply on demand.

8. Our salespersons and technicians will callback the users by phone call or on site to catch information on product operation and possible problems, and help the users to solve the problems.

9. Service & Support department:

Fax: 021-66408219
E-mail: zw8161@163.comOr
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